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Our Goals

  • Improve presentation and design of website to appeal to millennial and to reflect the brand  clean and modern design gains the trust of

  • Provide context through aspirational “real people” stories; engage. inspire you with content, help you find the perfect floor, empower you to take on your flooring.

  • Create a new language and make flooring easy to understand.

Problem We Were Solving

Buy Islander is the new direct to consumer brand of one of the major wholesaling flooring companies in the world. They wanted to start a venture that would have them enter the direct to consumer market, and wanted to appeal to millennials and the popular DIY market. One problem, there is no DIY Flooring Market.

Coming from the wholesale Business to Business world, Buy Islander was not speaking to the market they wanted to enter. 

Scope of Work

Working with their PR agency, we rebranded Buy Islander as a DIY solution for Millennials. We recreated the brand from the ground up to be focused on the consumer, specifically Millennials and first-time homeowners. 

We created a 5-page website, and online store that supports the sale of hundreds of products and was focused on three Key Strategy Pillars:


Teach users about different types of flooring, help you to choose the perfect floor.

Tell stories of real people DIYing their real floors with beautiful visual content.

Give people all of the tools to DIY their floors by providing a digital destination that seamlessly integrates informative content, installation resources and easy to navigate e-commerce.

Holistic Solution

We created a new language for the brand that helped people unfamiliar with flooring navigate the market. We created a COMPARE page, a solution to help people discover the type of flooring that fit their needs, tastes and their home. 


We then developed a comprehensive system for customers to sort and view the product that allowed them to be comfortable in making a flooring purchase online.


Seven Almonds coordinated, art directed and produced two photo shoots in Atlanta (on location in a home) and in a New York studio, to create the branded content and website visuals that would be up to par with millennial tastes and expectation.


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